Our process at Name street is unique. It starts with our super fast, two week turnarounds. This is possible because of our booking strategy and timeline. Let’s take a look at a usual project’s timeline.

Timelinev25Artboard 1.png

The timeline


Days 1-2: Discovery

The discovery phase is one of the most crucial parts of the process. This phase is where we get to know your business inside and out, and develop a custom-tailored strategy for the rest of the project. Without discovery, the final result will lack that extra something special to help your brand stand out.



Days 3-6: Initial concepts

This phase is where the magic starts to happen. Here, logo designs will be formed, expanded upon, and your brand identity will start to breath life. These days are exciting. You get to sit back, relax, and wait for day 7!



Days 7-9: Revisions

These few days are exciting! You get to see all the work we have done, and our thought process behind why we did what we did. You will have Two rounds of revisions, so we can really knock your brand out of the park.



Days 10-12: Build out

After revisions, it’s time to put everything into place! The build out phase included doing things like collateral items, packaging, stickers, whatever you need to make your brand come to life. You will get one round of revisions included in this phase.



Days 13-14: Finalizations

This is the end! These last two days are used to get everything the way it needs to be. This means saving out the files, getting DIMENSIONS of things exactly right, and putting the last little touches on areas that need it.



How it’s possible

This quick, two week timeline is possible because of our booking process. most studios take on 4-5 clients at a time, causing projects to span multiple months. Here, we book one client at a time, allowing for qUICk turnarounds. THIS MEANS MORE TIME FOR YOU TO ENJOY YOUR NEW IDENTITY, AND LESS TIME WAITING FOR IT TO HAPPEN.



Everyone’s project is different, so pricing is determined in a “package” format. fill out our contact form for a free quote and strategy.